10 Unusual People With Shocking Genetic Mutation (Photos )


 What if we told you that there's someone out there with two heads or a young man with a 13-inch tail well these are only a few results of the genetic mutations that have affected humans over the last few decades in today's Post get ready to take a deep dive into some of the most shocking genetic mutations in recent history ...


Number 10 shiloh pepin

 For a condition that is considered fatal in newborns shiloh pepin was one young lady that defied the odds and stayed way longer than just the few hours that doctors had initially predicted she was born with cyrenomelia a rare congenital disorder that led to legs being fused together so it's not surprising that this condition is also known as the mermaid syndrome since her fused limbs take the shape of the dorsal fin in fish however this disorder in her lower spine meant that shiloh had to live a significant part of her life in the hospital due to this condition most of her organs including the kidneys didn't form completely so she had to get her first kidney transplant at the young age of two and then more than a hundred surgeries within the first seven years of her life although shiloh finally passed away at the age of 10 due to complications from pneumonia she is only one of three people known to have survived the mermaid syndrome beyond a few days after birth..


Number 9 Joseph merrick

 Joseph looks nothing like the typical person you would see walking down the street in fact he gets more than a passing glance from most people due to his strange appearance joseph suffered from proteus syndrome which is a genetic mutation that severely altered his appearance this is the major reason why he was known as the elephant man due to this rare genetic condition joseph had bones skin and several tissue that had grown abnormally this means that instead of the regular shape of various parts of the body like our heads arms and legs his body parts had grown rapidly and in different proportions due to the mutation of the akt1 gene responsible for cell growth joseph had a really large and disfigured head with other body parts abnormally large as well..


  Number 8 chandra oreon 

what you're looking above Pics is a tail on a human being you may be wondering how's that possible well we all know how animals have tails that serve different purposes our furry friends wag their tails to show extreme emotions like happiness and sometimes to communicate with each other for kangaroos the tails are perfect for balancing their body however what many people don't know is that we have a tailbone as well but it's known as a vestigial structure because it has no known purpose but through genetic mutation some people end up being born with a tail and a good example is chandrae orion he's an indian tea state worker who is famous for his 13-inch tale in his region in india chandra is seen as an incarnation of hanuman a hindu god and he doesn't mind being worshiped by people who travel from far areas just to touch his tail this is the major reason why he has refused to cut his tail which is a result of a congenital malformation called spinal bifida...


Number 7 dd caswara 

Have you ever heard of the tree man well that's none other than dd caswara an indonesian man who has skin that is strangely similar to tree bark this extremely rare skin disorder stopped him from living a normal life as almost no one would want to relate with a walking tree dee dee experienced scaly warts and macules on his skin which is obviously different from the soft and supple skin that is common with humans this was caused by a genetic mutation that made it more susceptible to human papilloma viruses so the result was to have tree-like skin and unfortunately there's absolutely no cure for this condition dd couldn't live like the average human because even walking was a challenge with warts as heavy as 13 pounds the tree man became so popular that he was featured in several documentaries including one on tlc eventually deedy had complications from this condition that claimed his life at 42.  


Number six kelly fiddle 

White kelly fiddle white looks just like any other lady from the greater manchester area and would typically have been able to go about her life without hesitation however she suffers from fish odor syndrome which is a result of the release of trimethylamine through sweat expired air and urine the painful result of this is that kelly emits a strong odor of rotten fish or onions which makes it super difficult for her to interact with others this becomes even weirder when you realize that the sufferer can't perceive the odor herself but gets to see the reaction from others who can't stand the pungent smell therefore she's had to live her entire life and anxiety due to this metabolic condition although she works as a radiographer kelly got so many complaints about the order that she had to move completely to night shifts which significantly reduced the number of people that she can get in contact with unfortunately this condition also known as trimethylaminuria is not known to be curable however kelly tries as much as she can to manage it by taking activated charcoal at least once a day which helps in cleaning out her digestive system..


 Number five nadia lauricella 

Out of all the rare birth defects that exist in today's world one of the rarest ever is a condition known as focomelia syndrome children born with this severe birth defect have several of their appendages and limbs short and may also not have fingers or their fused together when nadia was born more than two decades ago in italy fate had handed her a completely different life as she was born with this extremely rare condition due to folk amelia syndrome nadia was born without arms and with just some parts of her leg missing she also had a curved spine just like many others born with this condition the doctors didn't believe that she could live that long however this young woman is living life to the fullest with more than 52 000 people following her official instagram account..


Number four wang fang 

Wang fang lives in china with a rare condition where the foot on her left leg grew backwards of course this has made walking around really difficult for her compared to someone with both feet facing forwards however that's not stopped her from living a life as normal as possible still doctors are not sure about the exact cause of this condition but it's one genetic mutation that has certainly gotten her a lot of attention...


 Number 3 tres johnson

Have you ever seen anyone with two faces well they exist and one of them is a young man in missouri known as tres johnson trass was born with an abnormally shaped head alongside two separate nostrils and a large cleft lip however it wasn't just the fact that his head was abnormally shaped but he actually had two faces this condition which is known as craniofacial duplication is an extremely rare disorder caused by the sonic the hedgehog gene and no we have no idea why they decided to name this condition after this famous character what we do know is that despite the doctor saying that he wouldn't survive so long after his birth tress celebrated his 13th birthday in 2017. 


Number two liang ji zhuen 

On what was supposed to be a regular day for liang jizwen this woman who lives in sichuan province in china discovered that she had a mole growing on her head this growth itched her all the time and that she became quite uncomfortable so she decided to seek chinese traditional medicine to cure it however when there was little to no difference she decided to let it be so it was with shock that liang realized that she had a horn growing out of her forehead even doctors were surprised at this abnormal horn-like growth which had been growing consistently for about eight years it was later discovered that she suffered from cornucutanium which is a form of a skin tumor although it broke off after some years the horn continues to grow on her forehead..


 Number one devendra suthar 

Say hello to maximum fingers man defender suthar lives in western india where he tries to fit into shoes with seven toes on each foot and hand little equipment with seven fingers on each hand as well this man was born with polydactyly which is a condition that occurs during the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy when the baby forms more fingers and toes than normal this genetic disorder is so rare that davindra made it into the guinness book of records as a living man with the highest numbers of fingers and toes and with that we end today's Post which unusual person with genetic mutations shocked you the most leave your thoughts down in the comments below...


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