Ten Longest Body Part Of Some People's in the World(Video)


 Many people have a physical feature that pretty much ends up becoming their defining quality for some it's their hair color of their eyes their beard etc .

But for the extraordinary people on this list the defining quality that makes them famous is their extra long body parts from the person with the longest tongue to the longest teeth on a human let's have a look at the 10 longest body parts in the world

 No. 10 the longest tongue

 A young woman from ocala florida has become an internet sensation after posting videos of her tongue tricks online with a four and a half inch tongue gerkery bronco bliquette didn't realize her titanic tongue was a possible record breaker until her friends dared her to do a stunt she first realized it was really long when her friends wanted her to show them if she could lick her eye and when she tried she was able to do it easily she stretched it for a week so it could get longer to see if it could touch her ear gregory bronco blaquette now believes that she may have the world's longest tongue in the world the 20 year old's tongue is so long that she can use it to touch her elbow her earlobe and even lick her eye we are sure that an average person wouldn't want to do that anyway but record holders are just born differently currently the record holder for the world's most extended tongue is nick stobro his tongue is 3.97 inches long laquette says that she is planning to apply to record books in order to claim the title for the world's longest tongue.


 No. 9 The longest Nose

 No one is happy with their nose even if it's someone born with a perfect nose they'd still hate it except for the people who get a nose job many people have nose jobs to make their nose smaller but some people are happy with having a huge nose guinness world records shared one of the profiles of a competitor back in the day a turkish man whose nose was recorded to be the longest feature on a human face his nose was measured to be a staggering 8.8 centimeters long however the authority on records further reported that this might not be the longest nose ever because reports from the 1770s suggest an english circus star by the name thomas wetters had a 19 centimeter long nose.


 No. 8 The longest Legs 

The next person on our list is eckhart tina licina from russia she is the title holder for the longest legs in the world on a female her legs are 132.8 centimeters long as required by the guinness world records guidelines the measurements were taken by independent professionals a seamstress and a doctor from the heel to the top of the hip the 29 year old is from a family of tall people with her brother measuring 6'6 her father at 6'5 and her mother at 6 1. that's the reason why ekaterina always felt very comfortable about her size at home however she was teased at school one reason ekaterina applied to the guinness world records was that she wants to be an inspiration to girls who are not very confident ekaterina has trouble finding trousers that fit her and finds it very awkward squeezing into an airplane and car seat with a shoe size of 47 she says it's also tricky finding feminine shoes..


 No. 7 the longest eyebrow

 81 year old Zhang shusen from china has been officially recognized for having the longest eyebrow hair in the world stretching an incredible 19.1 centimeters or seven and a half inches zhang first realized one of his eyebrow hairs was much longer than the others in 2015 underestimating it at about 18.5 centimeters he said that sometimes this naturally long hair slips into his mouth when he eats so he also tucks it behind his right ear even though that is completely disgusting to us a long eyebrow has a different meaning in chinese culture in his application for the record title zhang wrote that long eyebrow hair means health and a long life in china when he found out that his eyebrow hair was a lot longer than other people's his family started to say that it was a good symbol for an old man it was at this point he thought he might be the guinness world records title holder his amazing eyebrow here has easily outgrown the previous 18.1 centimeters record-setting hair that belonged to sumitom matsumara from japan.


 No. 6 The longest Toes

 Matthew mcgrory at seven foot six inches or 2.3 meters was the tallest actor in the world he was also listed in the guinness book of world records as having the world's largest feet born on may 17 1973 at westchester pennsylvania to parents of irish descent he weighed 15 pounds and was two feet tall at birth by the time he left nursery school he was already five foot and as he grew older his parents who weren't really tall themselves had to have his clothes and shoes specially made he wore shoes of size 29. by the mid-1990s mcgrory was beginning to make regular appearances as bigfoot on the american disc jockey howard stern's radio show he was a well-known figure for being the tallest actor hollywood has ever seen unfortunately he didn't live long matt mcrory was found dead at the age of 32 in his home at sherman oaks california he is thought to have died of natural causes..


No. 5 the largest p*n*s

 Even if you've read about Roberto Esquivel Cabrera there's a chance that you won't recognize the name you were probably too busy looking at his pictures roberto is credited with having the largest penis in the world and he now hopes guinness world record will recognize his massive member roberto esquivel cabrera is 54 and is from saltillo mexico his p*n*s measures a staggering 18.9 inches which makes roberto the person with the biggest p*n*s in the world jonah falcon still holds the record and he believes roberto is faking it roberto hit the headlines in 2015 after a video of him measuring his m*nh**d went viral the half-meter tool is the source of much pride for roberto despite the medical issues as has caused him he is now registered as disabled because of his huge p*n*s everything huge comes with a cost.


 No. 4 the longest fingernails

 singer chris walton is better known by her stage name the duchess in the u.s states nevada and california but her voice is far from the first thing you would notice if you bumped into her in the street the 45 year old grandmother has the world's longest fingernails she stopped cutting them 18 years ago and now her nails have now reached an incredible 20 feet the bizarre nails curl in all directions yet the mother of five cooks and cleans and can even play the piano and use a computer her amazing dedication to her nails has been officially recognized by the 2012 edition of the guinness record book she painted them a dazzling gold to celebrate chris strengthened her nails using acrylic on the outside and the inside of the nails this also helps to balance the weight on each hand chris claims to have only lost a nail once when fixing her car engine on the freeway and otherwise has no trouble leading a normal life sridhar chalal held the record before he cut his nails the hills nails were almost the same length as a london bus and believe it or not he had to get his nails trimmed at a jewelry shop in new york.


 No. 3 the longest tooth

 Tooth extraction is part of the day-to-day business in a dental practice however it's not every day you find someone with the longest tooth in the world year ville patel was given the guinness world record for the world's longest human tooth after he asked medics to remove his elephant canine when dentists yanked out the nasher they found it measuring a whopping 3.67 centimeters nearly double the average size and 5 millimeters longer than the current world record they pulled out the tooth in february 2017 but he was awarded the guinness world record for the longest tooth in july the most important thing is that irville is looking good aesthetically and he can go out and face the world now and even flex his world record certificate..


 No. 2 the longest mustache

 Ram singh chuhan has managed to avoid some close shaves in his life a necessity if you're the owner of the world's longest mustache he is from india and is the proud owner of the world's most prolonged mustache officially recorded by guinness world records as 4.29 meters or 14 feet long he's been growing it since 1982 after a friend with a seven foot long mustache suggested it saying that it will be good karma for him so far the friend's prediction came true xiaohan has appeared in many bollywood films as well as the 1983 james bond film octopus system..


 No. 1 the longest Ear Hair

 it's essential to have a goal in life indian grocer radhikant bashpai certainly has one to make sure that he has the longest ear hair in the world his ear hair is 25 centimeters long and still growing but he has no intention of trimming it no matter what ratakant was crowned the official guinness world record holder for the longest ear hair back in 2003 when his oral fronds were at an already impressive 13.2 centimeters long but that didn't stop him from pursuing his goal of ever longer hair on his ears after several more years of carefully cultivating and caring for the ear hair radicant's tufts now stretch a great 25 centimeters he's now waiting for guinness adjudicators to confirm that he has set a new high hairy bar for his chosen field. 

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