15 Most Paranormal Places On Earth


 Even if you're not one of the more than 50 of americans who believe in ghosts there's no denying that there are some locations that because of their design their history or the overall environment sends shivers down your spine from underground caverns to creepy woodlands prepare yourself here are the top 15 most paranormal places on earth

 • Number 15 the catacombs paris france

Paris is one of the most visited cities on earth famed for its rich mix of historical sites such as the eiffel tower the notre dame cathedral and the wealthy cultural venues but beneath the streets of the capital of france lies one of the creepiest and ghost-laden tunnel complexes you'll find anywhere in the world the tunnels were originally built in the late 18th century to consolidate the numerous stone quarries and mines in the region and to stabilize the ground but they were soon used as a storage facility that allowed the city planners to remove ancient burial grounds and relocate the human remains there to begin with the bones were simply piled high but from 1810 work began to arrange them in ornamental designs and part of the tunnel network is now one of the largest subterranean ossuaries on earth amazingly the catacombs contain the remains of as many as six million people with vast walls of stacked skulls and femurs as well as a room dedicated to deformations and various tablets that bear inscriptions of warnings to those who dare to walk along the twisting passages it's no surprise then that countless visitors have reported paranormal experiences in the catacombs from seeing ghosts and strange lights to unexplained chills objects moving and the sounds of screams emanating in the distance any trip there is sure to leave you with an uneasy feeling and if you want to see an apparition for yourself this is one of the best places you can go to do so.

 • Number 14 Bhangarh fort rajasthan India,

 Located in the Rajasthan state of india bangor fort which is around 146 miles from delhi was built in 1573 by the region's ruler at the time bhagwat das for his youngest son to live in luxury but also as an outpost from where the family could keep control of their land and fend off invaders it covers a huge area and while many parts now lay in ruins you can see the sights of numerous former temples the marketplace and various different palaces as well as the smaller structures where everyday members of society would have lived during its heyday the residents of the fort lived during often cruel and tough times however this led to a number of myths about the area and it's the reason why it's so closely associated with paranormal events according to local legends the fort was built on the land of a religious leader who said no structure should be taller than his own and if any shadows from another's house were cast over his then he caused the unending destruction of those who responsible for it further to this there's also a tale of a black magic wizard who was crushed to death in the fort's marketplace after failing to play a trick on a princess and it's his soul that's said to still roam the streets countless guests have reported seeing him complete with his dark robes and awkward walk there's also a real fear he's still able to use his nefarious incantations from beyond the grave and curse anyone who lays eyes upon him..

 • Number 13 Hoia Baciu forest romania

 Covering an area of around 730 acres in northwestern romania in the cluj county of transylvania the eerie hoya baku forest has long been associated with unexplained phenomena often referred to as the romanian bermuda triangle the warped trees rapidly developing fog and mist and the strange aromas in the air certainly set the scene but this is also a place with a dark history and the souls of those who have been wronged are still said to be searching for peace centuries ago peasants are believed to have been killed there in their thousands in order to reduce the number of mouths that needed to be fed by rapidly dwindling food supplies this is what's believed to have first caused the forest to be haunted in later years it's a story of a girl who walked into the woods and vanished only to reappear five years later having not aged a day and with no recollection of what she had been doing during the intervening time and of a shepherd with a flock of sheep who also disappeared without a trace then there's the mysterious clearing within the forest which is an almost perfect oval shape and according to locals where nothing is grown for centuries and is a popular place for believers to go to try to open portals with other dimensions and the fact the forest is also the hot spot in the country for reports of ufo sightings even visitors who don't see any of these strange events for themselves report peculiar sensations and feelings that stay with them long after they left making this one of the creepiest natural spaces you could ever visit.

•  Number 12 Castle Of Good Hope south Africa ,

The castle of good hope is a fortified position that was built on the coastline of cape town by the dutch east india company in the late 17th century to help protect their interests in the region it remains the oldest building in south africa but since there was a land reclamation project in the bay it once overlooked it's now much further inland because of its long story the castle is linked with a number of legends from the area and it's considered to be one of the most paranormal places in the whole of africa it used to be a good vantage point for example to witness on stormy nights the legendary spectral ship called the flying dutchman that's the ghoulish remains of a vessel that misjudged the rocky cape just a few years before the castle was built there are many stories of terrible acts that took place inside the castle such as a huge number of executions of locals or soldiers who were accused of acting against the empire and criminals were also routinely punished and tortured there as well it's their souls that are still said to haunt the grounds with modern guards often refusing to stay at their posts because the screams faint voices and mysterious footsteps have become too much for them to handle in fact guards there will often choose to walk the entire perimeter of the castle instead of passing through certain archways late at night all because of how frightening it can be.

• Number 11 myrtle's plantation saint francisville United States,

Often mentioned as one of america's most haunted homes myrtle's plantation in saint francisville louisiana was the site of at least one but as many as 10 gruesome murders the main house was built in 1796 as a classic creole style cottage and positioned on a hill gave its owners a vantage point across the plantation to keep an eye on its operations one of the main legends associated with this place is that it was constructed on top of a former indian burial ground and that it was cursed right from the start with a ghost of a young native american girl having been reported on countless occasions over the past 200 years in total the plantation is however said to be haunted by 12 ghosts the most famous and prevalent of which is called chloe she was a slave who was pressured into having an affair by the owner at the time and subsequently accidentally poisoned his wife and children an axe that resulted in her being hanged by the other slaves for fear of retaliation against them there's also the ghost of the only confirmed murder victim in the house who was shot on the front porch but he didn't die instantly and was able to crawl inside and up the staircase to the 17th step his spectre has now been seen walking up and down this staircase often stopping on the 17th step momentarily before continuing his patrol.

 • Number 10 Aredale hospital Ararat Australia,

 Originally opened in 1865 the Ararat lunatic asylum which was later renamed the aredale hospital was built to the southwest of victoria in australia to accommodate the increasing number of people that were deemed unfit to be able to live in a wider society designed in a similar way to other victorian asylums in the UK and Australia it wasn't so much focused on the rehabilitation or assistance of patients as opposed to the containment of them and in the beginning at least their treatment was atrocious restraining jackets and electroconvulsive therapy were commonplace as were trans orbital lobotomies and these procedures were even performed on young children add to this the labyrinth and twists and turns of the corridors that connect the various buildings and the countless reports of suicides and mysterious deaths that took place here over the years and it's no wonder that this is considered one of the most haunted buildings in the country investigations have resulted in video footage that supposedly shows a ghost face in one of the cells strange electrical signals orbs and nonsensical shadows and visitors often report feeling the sensation of being surrounded by lots of people even though they're in there alone it's so intense that there's some paranormal investigators that refuse to return because they've experienced such horrific things now that the hospital's been closed authorities have begun turning it into something completely different having now planted a large vineyard and olive grove to try and they're hoping that at least now something good can come from the place..

• Number 9 LA Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires Argentina,

 Cemeteries can be creepy places at the best of times but there's one that's in the regulator neighborhood of buenos aires in argentina it's not only often described as being one of the most beautiful in the world but one of the most haunted it was the final resting place of famous people like evita several argentinian presidents nobel prize winners actors and composers and there's something about the ornate structures that are lit up in the bright midday sun that makes it immediately feel like no other cemetery there are a number of paranormal stories associated with this place but perhaps the most famous is the tale of rufina cambaceres her family had discovered her lifeless body in 1902 on the day after her 19th birthday and her devastated parents laid her to rest at la recoletta a few days later the true tragedy though was that she wasn't dead and she woke up soon after this for the next few days she scratched and scraped at the coffin she was stuck inside and the groundskeeper only realized too late that the coffin had actually moved by the time it was open she was dead for real and her spirit is said to still haunt the cemetery to this day..

• Number 8 Hellfire Club Montpelier Hill Ireland,

 In dublin ireland there's a 1257 foot tall hill that's been long a focal point of the surrounding area originally the peak of the hill was used as an ancient burial site with a number of graves dating back to the neolithic age but around 1725 the stones from these were removed and used in the construction of a hunting lodge over the following decades this building became the headquarters of the hellfire club a group that became renowned for their debaucherous parties beliefs in the occult and attempts at demonic summonings and these activities have left a long lasting mark on the area the building eventually burned down and despite attempts to rebuild it fell into a state of disrepair and this revealed several sets of bones most of which were of animals but some that were suspected to have been people who were sacrificed during the rituals that were performed there to this day it said that the ghost of a giant black cat roams the land to warn people to stay away but those who ignore it may encounter some of the four other specters that are said to inhabit the remains of the club and were likely those who fell victim to what happened there there are now plans though to redevelop the entire site as a visitor center and a restaurant but because of superstition surrounding the place progress with these ideas have been slow..

 • Number 7 Poveglia Island Venetian Lagoon Italy,

 The venetian lagoon has been inhabited for more than a thousand years with the main focus being on venice itself but there are a number of other islands in the area that have also traditionally been used for supporting workers and providing facilities where there wasn't enough space in the city the first record of poveglia island dates back to 421 when residents of the surrounding area fled barbarian attacks and lived there for a short while but it was only in the late 18th century that permanent buildings were constructed there at first it was used as a customs checkpoint for goods destined for venice but in the 1790s after several sailors arrived with the plague the island was turned into a quarantine station it was used like this until 1814 and then a century later the buildings were converted for use as a mental asylum which remained open for half a century the awful conditions that people were kept in during both these uses though are what have led to the belief that spirits haunted to this day among experiments such as lobotomies that were performed on patients and stories of doctors killing themselves after being tormented by ghosts poveglia island is still officially off limits for anyone without expressed permission to visit something that only further serves to increase the mystery surrounding the place..

• Number 6 Pragsholm Slot denmark,

 Located on the island of zealand in denmark drag's home slot is a castle that was first built by the bishop of rochskilt in 1215 at this time it was a palace but in the following centuries modifications were made to turn it into a fortified structure to such an extent that it was the only building to survive the invasion of count christopher in the middle ages during the 16th and 17th centuries the castle was used as a prison mainly for members of the nobility who had insulted the king and its former prisoners who were kept in atrocious conditions that are believed to continue to haunt the building of the many ghosts that have been documented the most famous are the lingering bishop who is believed to be the apparition of the bishop of rock's guild who was held and executed there when the castle was overtaken by a danish king the unearthly earl of boswell who was the third husband of mary queen of scots and died in the castle as a prisoner when he was just 44 and both the white and gray ladies of drag's home both of which are believed to be the ghosts of women who died there in horrific circumstances and whose skeletal remains have since been uncovered on the grounds.

 • Number 5 Chateau du bressac France,

 Chateau du bressac which is in manila france was first built almost a thousand years ago in the 11th century by the counts of azul it would have looked very different then though because it was completely renovated in the 15th century to be more like a fort that became linked with the french monarchy either as a residence for the royal family itself or as a gift as a reward for performing great acts in the name of the french empire today it's run as a hotel but while you'd normally expect to be rubbing shoulders with other guests looking to experience the rustic french lifestyle for themselves there's one resident who's more permanent known as la dem vert or the green lady she's believed to be the ghost of charlotte de bruze who is thought to have been the illegitimate daughter of king charles vii she was forced into a marriage with a nobleman for the benefit of the king and while the two did not love each other her husband flew into a fit of rage when he discovered she was having an affair he murdered her in her fling and according to legend buried them somewhere on the estate and it said that her ghost will only finally be able to rest once her remains have been discovered...

• Number 4 Banff Springs Hotel Alberta Canada,

 If you ever visit banff in alberta canada it's almost impossible to miss the stunning structure that is the banff springs hotel that overlooks a valley within the rocky mountains it was built in 1888 and has since been the premier destination for those who can afford it to stay but while you'll see endless promotional materials talking of the leisure activities on offer the hotel's management doesn't tend to mention the tales of paranormal activity that have been reported within there have in its more than 130 years of operation been several residents who have checked in but never left and they seem to take pleasure in toying with current guests there are stories of pillows being pulled from beneath them while they sleep flickering lights and bloody handprints on the mirrors as well as two distinct ghosts that roam the corridors there's the bride who was said to have slipped fallen and died on one of the elaborate staircases on her wedding day in the 1920s and still walks around in her wedding dress and also the bellman who's actually the helpful spirit of a former worker at the hotel who died there in 1975. 

• Number 3 Montecristo Homestead New South Wales Australia,

 The ornate looking monte cristo homestead was built by pioneer christopher crawley in 1885 on a hill that overlooks the town of juni in new south wales australia his family lived there for around 60 years but after a number of deaths of both staff and relatives it's now one of the most haunted places on the planet a maid died after falling off a balcony a stable boy was burned in his sleep after his mattress was set ablaze and even an infant of the family died after being dropped down the stairs there were probably many more incidents too but these are the ones that have been remembered and their ghosts are still likely to torment anyone who sets foot inside it's the subsequent owners who have borne the brunt of this with the reports of flickering lights despite there being no electricity the constant sound of footsteps ghostly apparition and murmuring voices and the people who currently own the property are seriously considering demolishing it once and for all in order to escape the problems..

• Number 2 Ancient Ram Inn Gloucestershire England,

 The ancient ram inn first opened its doors to customers in the year 1145 and was used to house masons and builders involved in the construction of the neighboring church over the following years amazingly it's virtually remained open ever since and is now a bed and breakfast but a combination of being built on a pagan burial ground and a number of murders that have taken place there this is easily the most haunted place in the uk said to be visited by as many as 20 different distinct ghosts guests often hear children screaming have received electric shocks from wooden beams have been pushed down the stairs by invisible forces and have even reported seeing furniture flying around the rooms and being pushed down onto the bed by a sex demon it's not uncommon for people to flee in the middle of the night because of their experiences and the owner herself used to choose to sleep in a caravan outside instead of actually within the walls of the pub it's now mainly just paranormal investigators and those looking for a spooky inspiration that stay there since it's simply too frightening for normal members of the public to even attempt getting a good night's sleep.

• Number 1 Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia United States,

The eastern state penitentiary in philadelphia first opened in 1829 and was the first prison in the u.s that was built to a new design philosophy of how to handle inmates it was the largest and most expensive public structure that have ever been constructed in the country and even as you approach and see the tall stone walls and crumbling corridors you can tell there's something strange about the place it remained open for 142 years during which time it held thousands of murderers and other high security prisoners but the way they were treated was at times just as horrific as the crimes they had committed there was a water bath which inmates were dunked in and held outside until ice formed on their skin the mad chair where they were restrained so tightly that their circulation was cut off and sometimes resulted in the need for amputations the iron gag which was an iron collar strapped into the mouth and would tear the tongue if the person moved and the hole which was an underground cell with no food light or air it's perhaps no surprise then that there were countless murders suicides and unexplained deaths at the prison there have been stories of paranormal instances since the 1940s cell block 12 for example is known for voices and cackling cell block 6 has unexplained fast-moving shadows and cell block 4 is known for the appearance of ghostly faces it's now host to a paranormal experience every halloween would you be brave enough to stay the night there 😁 ..

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