12 Most Beautiful Places On Planet Of the Earth (Photos)


 The world is still very much a mystery to even the most traveled peoples that means that there are many mythical places on our planet for you to visit some of which we'll be showing you today these beautiful locations are so enchanting and magical it's overwhelming to the human eye and hard to explain them in mere words and pictures but we're going to do our best anyway here are the

 12 places so mythical you won't believe they exist welcome to another Post On Physitravels and if you want to see a place so beautiful it will seem unreal then stick around for number one because it will blow you away


 Number 12 Cliff's Of Moher Ireland 

You might know them better as the cliffs of insanity from the 1987 film the princess bride but this seaside wonder is actually located on the shores of ireland stretching for five miles along the atlantic coast the 400 foot high cliffs offer one of ireland's most breathtaking views what makes these cliffs even more unique and magical is the local wildlife that calls them home those with a love of bird watching will be spoiled here as the area is home to over 3 000 colorful bird species and if you think this place is unreal the number one will just blow you away


 Number 11 Salar De Uyuni Bolivia

Stretching across four thousand fifty miles this beautiful reflective surface is considered one of the most extreme and remarkable landscapes in all of south america and perhaps even on planet earth salar de uyuni is the world's largest salt flat it was created from prehistoric lakes that evaporated millions of years ago this mythical location attracts millions of tourists and visitors from all across the world each year who seek to drive across this most fascinating place if you're looking to cross one of the most stunning places in the world off your travel list salar de uyuni deserves to be on it 


Number 10 Lake Retba Senegal 

This vivid pink lake known as lake retba lies just an hour away from senegal's capital and will catch anyone's eye right away the lake is just barely separated from the atlantic by a couple of sand dunes which is what gives the lake its high salt content this salt content attracts a type of bacteria called tuna allela which is what gives the lake its unique coloring the coloring becomes increasingly strong during the dry season between november and june which is the best time to visit if you want to take pictures of the world's only glowing pink lake


 Number 9 Las Lajas Sanctuary Colombia 

If lost Lajas sanctuary looks magical it's because miracles inspired it in 1754 a young girl was cured of her deafness right here after seeing the virgin mary's image on the rocks of the gorge and later a blind man regained his sight too to honor these series of miracles the people built this 1949 neo-gothic basilica and it remains a pilgrimage site to this day for those of you who want to visit it's located in the southern colombian department of nourinho in the municipality of apolly's and is almost magically built right inside the canyon of the gyotara river 


Number 8 Rainbow Mountains China 

The mythical rainbow mountains of china within the zhonye dakshiyad landform geological park are a geological wonder of the world these chinese mountains are famous for their other worldly colors that mimic a rainbow painted over the tops of rolling mountains the colorations are caused by various diagenetic and mineralogical processes that make up the reds greens yellows and blues some will argue that this is one of the coolest places on earth and the planet seems to agree seeing as the area was named an UNESCO world heritage site in 2009 


Number 7 Moraine Lake Canada 

Set in the rugged valley of canada's ten peaks is moraine lake a place surrounded by mountains waterfalls and rock piles creating a scene so stunning it almost seems unreal the lake's waters are the most magical color a vivid shade of turquoise that changes in intensity through the summer as the glaciers melt its brilliant blue-green color is a result of light refracting off fine particles of rock in the glacier runoff which flows into the lake because it's at an elevation of 6183 feet the lake doesn't begin to melt until june which is when water levels rise and its magical color peak and make for some pristine photography 


Number 6 Huacachina Peru 

If you didn't think paradise could exist in the middle of nowhere then check out this peruvian desert oasis five hours south of lima Huacachina is a tiny village with green waters at its center forming the Huacachina lagoon ringed by palm trees and thought to have therapeutic properties the lagoon shores are dotted with bars and clubs dune buggies run across the high rolling sand dunes surrounding the village this jaw-dropping place allows tourists to witness the breathtaking sand dunes from an entirely different perspective and for anyone adventurous enough can try sandboarding down the dunes for an unforgettable experience


 Number 5 Northern Lake Baikal Russia 

If you thought the huacachina lagoon was something then lake bockhall is going to blow you away located in russia it is considered the largest lake by volume in the entire world and also the deepest it is also the oldest lake in the world home to 1800 endemic plant species and evloc and more incredibly it holds 20 percent of the world's fresh water supply it's no wonder unesco named it a world heritage site back in 1996. the lake is situated in south central russia very close to the mongolian border and represents an unspoiled beauty locals refer to as the sacred sea and we'd have to agree with that nickname 


Number 4 Naica Mine Mexico 

If you're into trippy places then here's a hidden gem you should definitely visit when in mexico this stunning crystal cave known as nike mine is situated in chihuahua mexico and extends up to 985 feet below surface the crystals are said to have been formed by underground magma approximately half a million years ago because this fascinating cave is so deep below the ground it can only be visited under direct professional supervision but this once in a lifetime experience is sure worth getting a guide


 Number 3 Arashiyama Bamboo Grove Japan 

The Arashiyama bamboo grove is one of kyoto's top sites and for good reason standing amid these soaring stalks of bamboo is like being in a whole other world sadly there are no bamboo eating pandas to be seen in arashiyama but the walking paths that cut through the groves make for an otherworldly walk or bicycle ride they are particularly attractive when there is a light wind and the tall bamboo stalks sway gently back and forth naturally the bamboo has been used to manufacture various products such as baskets cups boxes and mats at local workshops for centuries subscriber pick it's now time for today's subscriber pick today's photo was sent to us by a subscriber wondering about this mythical waterfall that looks like it's from paradise if you come across a mysterious photo online and want us to look into it just send it over and we may even feature it on a future video now we looked into this photo and are sorry to say that it's probably photoshopped see the Photo below

however there is a waterfall that comes very close to looking like the one in this fantasy picture and that's 


Number 2 Victoria Falls Zambia and Zimbabwe

Look exactly like the imaginary waterfall in the picture but the real life victoria falls presents a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur that would have landed them on today's list either way located on the zambenzi river these magical falls form the border between zambia and zimbabwe the kololo tribe who lived in the area in the eighteen hundreds described these falls as mosey ah tonya which translates to the smoke that thunders it's no wonder they gave it such an impactful name considering victoria falls is known as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world columns of spray can be seen from many miles away and at the height of the rainy season over a hundred billion gallons of water over the edge every minute over a width of 1.2 miles into a valley more than 100 meters below before we reveal 


Number 1 Grand Prismatic Spring Wyoming USA

 National park in Wyoming USA  itself is one of the most beautiful places on the planet but without a doubt its most mythical and inspiring feature is the grand prismatic spring the unbelievable colors on its beach give the scene an otherworldly appearance that makes a visit feel surreal the prismatic itself is 165 feet deep making it not only the most colorful but also the largest lake in the entire united states it is also the third largest lake in the world for obvious reasons the grand prismatic spring is the most photographed feature of yellowstone it needs no explanation why this enchanted spring made it to the top of our list it is definitely worth a visit and that's it for the 12 most mythical places in the world..



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