15 Craziest Things Caught On Camera (Video)


  Las Vegas is home to many wild and carefree people it is probably one of the busiest places in the world and we can definitely see why throughout the years we've seen some of the craziest things happen in Las Vegas and throughout the entire world from a creepy clown, all the way to a haunted doll  man, we've seen a paranormal Barbershop, but if that doesn't shock you enough we might even have some aliens drop in from time to time,

 so if you can't wait any further here are the 15 craziest things caught on camera

• Number 15 a mermaid 

Are Mermaids real that is a question we've been asking for years people have claimed that they've seen them but do we finally have a video that can confirm it a few years back even Animal Planet believed they had evidence that mermaids were real the myth that mermaids are real originated around 1000 BC stories tell the tale of a Syrian goddess who jumped into a lake to turn into a fish but her great Beauty could not be changed and so only her bottom half was transformed throughout the years we've seen many different versions of this story but is it all just stories Columbus claimed that he spotted mermaids near Haiti and even described them as not as pretty as they are depicted people can say that mermaids aren't real but why do most seafaring people say that they saw something that closely resembles a mermaid we haven't even scratched the surface of what is at the bottom bottom of the ocean

 so we can't say for certain that there aren't any mermaids down there did you know that mermaids and Sirens aren't the same thing yes Ariel had a beautiful voice but she didn't lure air closer just to swallow him into the sea both mermaids and Sirens are part human part something else but a mermaid's intentions don't usually include the death of sailors so are mermaids real well I'll say the chances are higher that mermaids are real than Christopher Columbus accidental discovery of America what a man discovered in Las Vegas shocked the entire world aliens in Las Vegas a lot of weird things happen once you are there you're probably getting married going to lose a lot of money and maybe you will even see some aliens just like one man and his family who reported that they saw something not quite human in his backyard on May 1st there were a few reports that left police flabbergasted police officers investigated two mysterious objects that fell from the sky and one family even claimed that they had an alien in their yard one man even had footage of an entity allegedly Landing in the city if aliens did land in the city what will we do if they are friendly we'll betray with them what they even want to trade or will they be so Advanced that they already have everything and just came here to take over our planet let us know what you think and if we should put on our tinfoil hats and start prepping for an alien invasion or are we still safe for now tell us if you have had any alien related stories you'd like to tell remember to comment down below

 • Number 14 creepy clown clowns 

One of the most unsettling professions ever there was probably one point in your life when you were a bit freaked out by clowns and this clown will probably be in your nightmares for a few days a homeowner said that he feared for his life when a surveillance camera captured a person dressed as a clown and holding a knife apparently trying to enter his home this Eerie footage showed a clown come completely dressed up with a painted face and wig attempting to open various doors around the property this was just after 2 am and the man whose home it was said that he saw his gate was open so he checked the cameras and found someone in a clown costume trying to get into his house he said that if the clown got in they would most probably be dead however many who saw the video believe that it was set up with how calm the clown was and how it just walked around the property the clown was pretty familiar with the home it's almost as if he lived there and put on a clown costume just for a video the clown wanted to get in and spent forever walking around in the open with light showing him there but he decides he doesn't want to break a window he's ready to kill but won't break a window now that's a bit fishy let us know what you think and if the clown really was trying to break in..

• Number 13 Gigantic Bison Yellowstone

Is an extremely popular shell but it's an even more popular Park however the park has many rules but one woman didn't care for the rules and walked up next to a gigantic bison listen for a selfie that's right a visitor to Yellowstone National Park was caught on camera while doing an incredibly dangerous stunt Park officials warned the public to not approach bison or any other wildlife in the park but a woman was seen standing just a foot or two away from a bison that was lying on the ground all for a few selfies the woman could have easily been killed and then the animal would have had to have been euthanized even though it didn't do anything wrong the park advises that people should stay at least 25 yards away from the bison and had previously warned that they are unpredictable and have injured more people in the park than any other animal a few years ago a 72 year old woman was gored by a wild bison after she approached it multiple times for a few photos the Bison warned her multiple times by making noises and blowing out steam the lady got way too close and just kept on provoking the Bison she even tried to pet the animal shortly after the animal lost its patience in charge he kept on attacking her when she regained Consciousness luckily a nurse was close by and helped the elderly lady when the Bison finally had enough she was airlifted and eventually released from the hospital please don't get too close to wild animals especially if you don't know what you're doing..

• Number 12 Haunted Doll

 Haunted dolls are extremely scary and for one couple who had a haunted doll it became all too real a husband and wife revealed footage of a haunted doll that moved on its own oh yeah in the middle of the night by the way people have speculated and said that it was the Ghost of a child playing with it now Lee and Lizzy steer love collecting spooky and creepy dolls but they claimed that this one was a mystery that was sent to them with no note explaining its background this left the duo a bit uncertain and they continue to wonder what the history of the doll was however the couple was stunned when they returned to their haunted objects Museum and found that the donated Victorian doll had inexplicably moved positions on its shelf the baffling CCTV footage literally shows the doll slowly leaning forward in a controlled motion before its head tilts slightly he even claimed that he had never seen anything like it in 20 years as a real-life Ghost Hunter usually when they get sent dolls there is a short note telling them what happened to the doll and where it came from but with this one there was nothing no no one else was in the museum and only Lizzy Lee and Lee's mum who has the keys when they checked the CCTV cameras it is clear that the doll moved forward in three stages that it's had moved and when it turned its head it was as if the joints were physically moving if the doll just fell over it would obviously have landed on the floor but the way it moved to fight gravity and we can't explain it..

• Number 11 Lightning Strikes 

Lightning strikes are amazing it's beautiful to see but we never want to be there when the strike lands oh however did you know there is more than one way lightning strikes now it's not always possible to know exactly how a victim has been struck but there is a list of ways that lightning strikes a victim like a direct strike this is why you shouldn't be in an open area when there is lightning direct strikes aren't as common as the other ways people are struck like the conduction strikes or streamers but they are potentially the most deadly in most direct strikes a portion of the current moves along and just over the skin surface and a portion of the current moves through the body obviously the heat of the current can cause burns on the skin but it is the current that moves through the body that is the real problem the chances of surviving a lightning strike are quite low and it's extremely scary to think that we can be killed if we just walk down the streets while it is raining luckily we've also gotten a few great photos and videos of lightning when it strikes but this doesn't mean you should go running around in the rain just to take a few photos..

• Number 10 A horse walks into a bar

He walks up to the bar and the barman asks him why the long face it's probably because it lost the race a sports betting bar had the most unexpected visitor when a racehorse escaped from a stable and proceeded to run through the bar and sent patrons and staff running for safety the horse went to one side of the bar and then turned around to run back in the other direction it probably saw that they didn't have any rum the horse did leave a massive path of destroyed tables and chairs but at least everyone was fine after a rough day on the track some of us just want to enjoy a few pints with the lads but sadly his mates couldn't escape and join him after the horse bucked her Rider she took to the streets and even crossed a roundabout before she charged full speed into the open bar luckily the security camera caught the whole thing and now we finally know what happens when a horse walks into a bar the horse most likely returned to the track and had one hell of a story to tell all of the other horses we're just happy no one got hurt and that the horse was safely returned to the racetrack ...

• Number 9 dog driver

 Dogs are extremely cute but Titan the dog is just as badass after watching Fast and Furious 10 a Motorhead dog took a golf cart for our Joyride and just like Vin Diesel it crashed right into his owner's truck Titan a 10 year old English Mastiff was caught on CCTV sauntering around outside his home the dog then hopped onto the cart and accidentally pressed the gas pedal which sent the gold vehicle circling across the grass the cart was probably a fort since it hung a bit to the left and it went directly into owner Mallory commet's black Chevy truck the uninjured black dog jumped off the vehicle and it appeared as if the dog looked at the damage that he had caused before he walked away the commets were out but when they returned home they first thought someone took their golf cart for a joyride and smashed it into their truck Titan however was apparently seeking shelter under the hooded cart after being banned from his owner's deck after being sprayed by a skunk despite the accident that happened Titan is still eager to ride the gold cart with its owners and still loves to play with skunks you're probably not going to see Titan in the next Fast and Furious movie but we're sure he would have done a better job job than most of the actors in the movie ...

• Number 8 cyclist gets chased by a bear

 Now before you go to the comments and say ah cyclists finally getting what they deserve don't since the video was posted on YouTube more than eight years ago it has managed to Garner 41.7 million views and that is just on YouTube however there has always been something Shady about the video or well the lack of shade many people believe that this video is real but we have some bad news for you the original poster decide to share a video to their channel that showed the original clip before they added the fake bear the bear had no Shadow and when everyone confronted the poster of the video he said that he was a little busy so no the GoPro did not catch a man being chased by a bear but there have been multiple stories of cyclists being chased by a bear if the video was real Grizzlies run at a top speed of nearly 40 miles per hour in Rangers at Yellowstone have clock Grizzlies traveling at speeds in excess of 25 miles per hour for more than two miles this makes it super unlikely that a cyclist on a bumpy surface without the aid of a declining slope would be able to outrace a determined bear I think you would have a better chance just jumping off the bicycle and yelling at the bear to leave then outrun a grizzly bear however I still don't want to get chased by any bear not even Yogi Bear...

• Number 7 whale jumps 

A boat full of whale watchers got one of the best shows ever when a humpback whale breached close to their ship I think we're gonna need a bigger boat in a stunning series of photos we saw a four-year-old female whale named Murph jump out of the ocean her large body towered over the boat full of camera ready whale watchers  oh in one picture Murph appears to be feet from the tour bout almost touching the vessel with a waving flipper after she put on her show she flipped her tail and Dove back down into the water and left a massive Splash behind so many beautiful pictures were taken and this isn't even the first time this happened Jody frediani spotted two whales swimming and eating anchovies before Murph started her show now humpback whales don't deliberately threaten humans they are good at navigating around stationary boats in the water so when a whale approaches your boat you don't have to be afraid but you should be amazed and Overjoyed by their magnificence whales often find themselves close to boats when they tried to catch fish and most people scream and squeal when it suddenly pops up next to the boat Mouse boats try to follow the guidelines and stay 100 yards away but feeding time is extremely fluid and sometimes the fish tried to hide underneath the boat and then suddenly a whale might lunge close by I would personally love to see this at least once in my lifetime...

• Number six Vanishing woman 

unlike jumping whales this isn't beautiful it's just weird this is one crazy moment when a woman seemed to disappear on live TV as a man speaks to an interviewer people can be seen Milling around the baggage carousel collecting their luggage just behind the interviewee a woman with a suitcase laid in Trolley speaks to another lady over her shoulder but as the former walks off past the second woman the latter just seems to disappear totally from view this confused the internet and kind of distracted everyone from the interview a possible explanation is that the woman with the trolley simply eclipses her friend as they move forward as feet can be spotted albeit just for a short moment do you think this woman suddenly vanished some people believe that her heel can be spotted in the silver trash can which suggests she just walked away however others jokingly believe that the Matrix has been broken one thing is for certain though the interviewer wouldn't have caught so much attention if it wasn't for the woman putting on a Houdini act from what we can tell the woman can be seen walking in the same direction as the one with the card and she is just hidden behind her it's just all about the timing of their walking away side by side and she just wasn't visible from that angle but let us know what you think and if you think something Supernatural is happening...

• Number five paranormal Barbershop

 Halloween is a scary time with many witches Ghouls and all kinds of creepy creatures but when you step into one Salon called A Touch of Class you might feel that Halloween isn't so scary after all this Salon Spa bed and breakfast and home has things moving around without any reason and some things even disappear the 65 year old grandmother who lived there alone said that her 16-room house was haunted she claimed that she saw orb things moving around at one time when she was giving a lady a haircut the brush on the table just started moving while it was wobbling back and forth she also claimed that she had countless close encounters with Spirits or well orbs she said that orbs are bright Circles of light that she's seen swirling around her 92 year old home in business almost all of the time she said that maybe they were there before her or maybe they went to visit people and decided to stay she also said that they were very protective in their own weird way the lady said that one night while she was in bed on the phone she heard Eerie steps but no one was there when she decided it was time to sell the house a realtor caught several ghosts in a picture in her kitchen because the spirits didn't want her to sell the house just imagine living in a house and the ghosts love you so much they don't want to see you leave..

• Number four Dobby the elf 

we all love Dobby the house self from the Harry Potter movies and books but have we captured the real-life version on a security video the security camera footage features a figure that many say resembles Dobby a woman on Facebook posted the footage and in the video we see a short scrawny figure with floppy ears walking down the driveway while doing a silly dance people on social media were quick to offer theories as to what it could be from an alien to Dobby himself however the figure just might be the woman's son with a shirt on his head as some people pointed out in the original Facebook post sadly we have to admit it it's probably not Dobby the video that was posted didn't have a time stamp Watermark or anything that would suggest it is a real CCTV caught video the woman did claim that the video was unaltered but come on it's Facebook people fit more on Facebook than they do on Reddit and that is saying something a video like this doesn't require any special effects or anything like that but just one young and goofy boy the woman's son named Bobby was nine years old at the time and he appeared just to be as skinny as the figure in the video so to all my Harry Potter super fans no we didn't find Dobby the house elf we only got Bobby the goofy boy...

• Number three the infamous doorbell licker

 people in California went out on a hunt as one man was doing something extremely vile wickedly evil and just plain old gross licking doorbells the man was caught on surveillance video vigorously licking the doorbell of a family's home for about three hours before relieving himself in their front yard the family called the police after the system caught the man French kissing the doorbell the homeowner Dungan and her husband were not home at the time but their kids were they were alerted by the home security system that notifies them when there is movement outside when Dungan watched the video he was flabbergasted by the luckily the doorbell licker was identified thanks to the footage Roberto Daniel orario the image of him was super clear and it didn't take them long to identify the individual this is pretty creepy and hopefully they caught the doorbell licker but we did have a few questions for him Mr orario or well Mr Licker why do you lick doorbells and knock doorknobs is it because of the taste next why the hell do you make eye contact with the camera and how do you lick one doorbell for three hours if you have any questions for Mr Licker or if you maybe have any answers please leave them in the comments and we can't wait to read them 😉...

• Number two Arizona ghost 

a trucker's dash cam captured a ghostly figure standing on one of America's most dangerous routes William church had arrived from driving on the notorious Route 87 but when he checked his dash cam footage he was shocked to his horror he spotted a creepy figure standing at the side of the road in the dead of the night he didn't see it while he was driving on the 287 mile route he shared the creepy footage online and the internet is split up if it was a camera glare or maybe something paranormal he said that the figure was just standing in the roadway as he passed by it looked as if you could see the lines through the legs making a figure one Ghost Hunter said that that stretch of roadway both north of Payson and south of Tucson was incredibly creepy especially at night one of the cases that he had worked on documented in their book was from that route he claimed that they picked up a hitchhiker whose name matched someone who went missing back in the 70s many people believe that this incident is real and many say that they had similar experiences when they rode down that road a fatal car crash happened just a short while before the footage was taken the two vehicle collision resulted in the death of one person near Bush Highway many comments stated that they don't think it was a glare but others believe that it could have been a hitchhiker or maybe an animal hell some even said that it was a tumbleweed but that is not Tumbleweed..

• Number one UFO over U.S Marine base

 A massive black triangular shaped UFO hovering over a California Military Base was caught on Six videos and witnessed by 50 U.S Marines sounds like Chicken Little was right one stunning picture was shot by an officer at Camp Wilson shows the Apparently triangular object with lights on its edges above the East mountains where it hovered for 10 minutes according to Witnesses videos showed the lights of what some of the Marines believe was a craft hanging in the dark sky at one point in the video troops shot a flare into the sky in an attempt to illuminate the object which had five red lights just before they could fully illuminate the object it disappeared Without a Trace just like the Avatar this is one of the weirdest caught cases of UFOs does this mean aliens are real and was the Las Vegas man right about aliens some are skeptical they say that this could have been some sort of jet or plane but that seems a bit unlikely we would love to hear your thoughts and if you think this UFO sighting is real or all just a hoax cameras have caught some weird and scary things and we can't wait to see what else they capture we would love to see more videos of aliens UFOs and hopefully one day a real-life version of Dobby remember to always keep your dash cam on and your doorbell camera is ready in case someone tries to lick something they shouldn't 😁 and please please don't take your horse to a bar we really hope that you enjoyed this Post and we can't wait to see you in the next one...

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