15 Unsettling Discoveries In Africa that's Difficult to Explain


 Africa the second largest continent of our planet and also thought to be the birthplace of human species it's not a surprise that the massive ancient continent has its own share of mysteries stumbling upon which leaves experts completely baffled the land of Egyptian pyramids and countless ancient archaeological sites leaves us a lot to think about from unknown human species to ancient electricity....

 Today we will be looking into 15 unsettling discoveries in Africa nobody can explain

 ✓ Number 15 Loch Ness monster resembling fossil 

The myth and legend of the Loch Ness Monster is perhaps one of the most popular ones known all around the world stories of a mysterious long-necked river monster that is rumored to exist in the Scottish regions has been passed down for centuries however no evidence has been found to date in Africa fossils of an aquatic dinosaur have been found that might be a close candidate of the rumored Loch Ness monster resembling the looks and features described in the stories the only problem is this fossil found in Africa belongs to plesiosaur a dinosaur species that existed 66 million years ago the fossil shows a creature with a long neck stretching 10 feet in length and arms that would reach 5 feet across it was found in an ancient saltwater riverbed in the Sahara Desert the riverbed is over 100 million years old and suggests that these creatures roamed in the salt water in ancient times but if they were able to live in fresh water it wouldn't be that unlikely for some of them to migrate to the Scottish regions in ancient times but to be honest the chances of them coexisting with humans even in ancient times is highly unlikely and even less likely for any of them to survive till modern day but by some miracle if it was possible for the plesiosaur to exist much later than they were supposed to it could have solved the mystery of the Loch Ness monster a story emerged from a group of scientists exploring regions of Namib Desert as they stumbled upon something that would haunt them forever this discovery in Africa scares scientists not only because it was completely shocking it's also because they have no explanation for what they saw as they explored into the depths of the landscape they came across a series of mysterious holes as they looked inside they were terrified each hole had what looked like in other worldly creature or some sort of statue inside the scientists were so terrified that they immediately escaped the scene in fear of their lives all of them saw the same things and could not find a possible explanation to what could have been later on the team gathered courage and decided to go back to the place but even after days of searching they couldn't find the cluster of holes again.

✓ Number 14 👽 Allien Sighting in Zimbabwe

 Alliens have fascinated us for years the chance of extraterrestrial life existing in outer space keeps enthusiasts hunting for proof anywhere they can find which is why whenever in alien sighting or encounter is widespread in the media people try their best to dig deep and find solid evidence on September 16 1994 one of the largest mass sightings of alien and UFO ever was reported from a rural Zone in Zimbabwe 64 school kids who are playing outside during recess saw a strange aircraft descend from the sky in a field just nearby they claim to have seen multiple humanoid creatures with large eyes skin type black suits emerge from the craft and communicate with them telepathically the message was apparently a concern from the aliens on how we were treating the Earth and destroying it strangely enough during that time multiple other Witnesses from all over Zimbabwe claim to have seen strange lights and crafts in the sky soon this story Drew in reporters from all over the world and BBC even made a documentary about this incident called the aerial phenomenon what was strange about this incident is that almost all the children who witnessed the occurrence had almost the same story even after 30 years now these people are in their 30s and even recent interviews show the consistency in their stories one of the kids is now in the British Navy and shares that he hasn't told anyone he works with about this incident as they might think he was crazy it's still not clear what exactly they saw that day was it really a visit from telepathic aliens or something else that we cannot yet explain but so many people sharing the same consistent story leaves us with something to think about..

✓ Number 13 Ghost population of Africa

 A hominid skull found in Zambia nearly a century ago has been a matter of much curiosity to many anthropologists it was found while mining along with two legs it was difficult to determine the age of the skull and identify the species accurately as it was certainly a bit different from that of homo sapiens who lived in these planes but recently scientists have been able to find out more about the skull and dated it to be approximately 300 000 years old it has been identified to belong to a different hominid species called the homo Heidelberg Genesis they coexisted with Homo sapiens during the same time it might have played a part in human evolution stones found near the fossil suggest that it also used the same tools as the homo sapiens this might give scientists the answer to a mystery that has been bothering them for decades in the modern world very few people in Africa carry a certain unknown DNA known as the ghost population before scientists were unable to find the lineage and history of this DNA that was until this skull was identified as this could be the unknown hominid species that interbreed with Homo sapiens and left behind a part of their DNA hopefully this will take scientists a little bit closer to completely understanding the origin and evolution of the species...

 ✓ Number 12 the mysterious Stone Circle

 Ancient monoliths have been found all over the world so it's no surprise that a certain number of them are bound to be found in Africa While most have been identified back to the creators and their purpose there's one specific ancient site that has no answers located in Missouri Morocco the stone circle is an area where 167 stone slabs are embedded into the ground and covers an elliptical diameter of about 55 meters the tallest of these stones are 5 meters high and according to locals they go down as much as 7 meters underground the stones seem to be handcrafted hammered and Polished out and date back as far as the Bronze Age but other than that not much is known about the people who built it and why Legends have it that this is the burial place of a giant and others claim that it's a holy place the name mazura does translate to Heavenly spot in Arabic but that's about all we know excavations in the site have not been done extensively but probably to preserve the condition of the place as it is some even speculate that somehow it is connected to the people who built Stonehenge but till today the purpose of this mysterious stone circle area remains unknown...

✓ Number 11 Cursed mummy Cheese Egypt

 The land of pyramids and ancient pharaohs might be one of the most historically significant places in the world excavations deep inside pyramids and tombs often lead to the most unexpected things even something as weird as cheese that's right you heard correct ancient Egyptian mummified cheese that is probably cursed if not with magic then certainly with deadly bacteria in 2014 a team of researchers from the University of Cairo were Excavating the tombs of Thames a mayor of the city of Memphis in Ancient Egypt they found a jar of what seemed like a solified white mass and upon further investigation they found out that it was cheese made from unfermented cow's milk this means that the cheese and the mummy are nearly 3 300 years old not only that the cheese contained traces of a bacteria marking a sign that the Infectious bacteria also existed in ancient Egypt why was a jar of cheese buried with the mare maybe he was meant to enjoy it in the afterlife while that probably didn't happen it did turn out to be the oldest cheese ever discovered in the world and while it might not exactly be cursed with ancient dark mummy magic it's certainly cursed with deadly infectious bacteria and is definitely not safe to consume...


✓ Number 10 Mysterious Black Tomb

 In 2018 archaeologists in Egypt discovered a massive black intactone that hasn't been opened for two thousand years and raised many initial speculations some thought that it might even be the Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great but when the archaeologist tried to lift the lid of this massive sarcophagus it released a terrible smell that made them stop the excavation in fear of unveiling some toxic fumes or maybe an ancient curse after some preparation of wearing masks and other protective gears a second attempt was made this time successfully lifting the heavy lid inside was not Alexander the Great but three skeletons along with sewage Waters and a giant Alabaster bust the sewage water was probably the reason for the Horrible's mouth the sarcophagus weighs almost 27 tons and measures 2 meters high and 3 meters long and is the largest one ever found intact It is believed to date from the early ptolemaic period which began in 323 BC after the death of Alexander the Great however not much was found about the three skeletons inside one of the skulls had been damaged probably from an arrow indicating that they might have been soldiers but who they were and why their tomb was so different is a matter of complete mystery some feared that the deadly smell could be the result of an ancient Egyptian curse but the researchers assured that there was no curse and the fumes inside had not been able to harm anyone that being said it's still wise to be cautious while dealing with such old tombs as they might actually contain something deadly locked inside ...

✓ Number 9 The Unknown Female Monarch of Egypt

 While we are on the subject of Egypt and ancient mummies another tomb was also found that helped archaeologists identify a previously unknown female Monarch neferephra was an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled Egypt 4 500 years ago his unfinished pyramid can be found in the abuser necropolis and inside his funeral complex another tomb has been found that is believed to belong to his wife the queen and spouse of nephorefera was kentokawas III and this is the first time her name has been discovered as nothing about her was previously known they also found 30 copper and Limestone utensils and experts are hopeful that this discovery will shed some light to understanding the history of the fifth Dynasty it's not like everything from the past has been perfectly documented which is why it is often logical to find loopholes in history before the discovery of the stem experts were not even aware that such a queen existed or who even was defare from married to but now we know and hopefully further investigation will help researchers find out more about the mysterious Egyptian pharaohs till date 118 Egyptian pyramid tombs exist each with its own Mystery and secrets left to unravel as many as 70 million mummies were estimated to exist in Egypt but only a fraction of them can be found today...

✓ Number 8 Namib fairy ranks in the name of desert of Namibia

 There are some mysterious Circles of dry patches that have left ecologists wondering for over 50 years they look almost artificially created perfect circles that very well can be mistaken as remnants of UFO landing sites or some other Supernatural phenomenon grasses grow all around these circles perfectly avoiding the area inside the circle which is dry and contains dead grass ecologists studying the fairy circles have speculated many theories over the years as to what could have created these ranks some theories suggested that it was created by some sort of termites or fungus that prohibits the growth of grass in that particular area other theories are much more wild claiming they might have been damaged by UFOs that landed there a team of researchers have been working studying the fairy circles for almost 20 years and finally they might have found a plausible cause their studies suggest that the circle formation is not Supernatural but something still quite spectacular by observing the water absorption rate of the grass after rainfalls they concluded that the Grassroots have created a special vacuum type property that allows them to draw in water from Below in those circular areas leaving the patch dry and unable to grow any grass while the surrounding grass steals away all the nutrients A Sort Of Swarm intelligence has developed among the plants that has helped them become more adaptive to survival so if this theory is legit it's interesting to consider that plants can also have intelligence and the fairy circles were not created by something unnatural ...

✓ Number 7 chamber with no access 

The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is probably the most famous pyramid known all across the world and even 4 500 years after its creation it holds secrets that are still unknown very recently archaeologists found a hidden 30 feet long chamber inside the Pyramid of Giza the chamber has no access points and seems to be purposely made made that way a team of researchers have been using cosmic ray Imaging and infrared thermography to study the inside structure of the pyramid when they found multiple voids hidden inside one of them being 30 feet long what's interesting is that the chamber has no doors or connection to anything else making it impossible to enter without breaking in the walls which raises the question why is such a chamber created in the first place what could be inside of it the Egyptians are one of History's Most Fascinating People Who technology and science still baffles the world just as we don't know how they actually made the pyramids now we have a new question adding to that list of unknowns it is being considered if the chamber should be forcefully entered to find out what's in it but it could damage the structure of the pyramid which is something that cannot be risked hopefully further investigation will give us an answer soon and figure out the purpose and contents of this mysterious chamber ...

✓ Number 6 Ancient Electricity 

Now it's no wonder that most of the mysterious things in Africa are found in Egypt and it doesn't only limit to pyramids hidden Chambers and mummies Egypt has a mysterious history that still baffles experts today with many believing that they might have access to technology that we are not even aware of some even believe that they had extraterrestrials living among them often depicting in their Stone reliefs helping them with technology out of the world these theories are not completely crazy and it is fair to believe so one of the most controversial of all such Stone reliefs is found in the hathor temple where it shows the image of what looks like a gigantic modern day light bulb it became known as the dandera light and throws a huge curveball at ancient Egypt history the resemblance of the depiction to an actual light bulb is uncanny showing wires a filament in even the same shape could it be that ancient Egyptian people actually had access to electricity in light bulbs or is the image being misinterpreted we can't say for sure but considering all the Unsolved Mysteries of Egypt it can be said for certain that there is definitely something different about that part of the world and its history ...

✓ Number 5 Oldest Stone Tools 

The human genus first emerged on Earth 2.7 million years ago and ever since then has gone through evolutionary changes that resulted in the beings you and I are today since the dawn of mankind we have used developed tools to help us survive against the harsh nature Stones chiseled and hammered to form sharper stronger tools was perhaps one of the first things the ancient Homo sapiens created marking a significant point in human evolution but what if stone tools are found that predate human existence this is exactly the case of the ancient stone tools found in Kenya a sharp refined edge of the stone tools means that they were definitely created by someone the problem is they are 3.4 million years old predating our evolutionary ancestors by 700 000 years so who could have created these tools now it's possible that other human-like primates existing in those times could have created them as modern day chimpanzees can be seen doing perhaps to open nuts tear meat or other purposes but we can't really say for sure who actually created them only thing we know for sure is that it was the homogeneous perhaps a lost genus that we know nothing about or primates who develop significant intelligence in such ancient times does put a lot of questions on things we might actually not have been the first ones to invent tools and that changes a lot of perspective about human evolution ..

✓ Number 4 sky stones 

in 1990 an Italian geologist visiting deep in an African forest was given a mysterious blue stone by a local tribal Chief the stone was unlike anything he had ever seen a deep blue color with white streaks on its surface it almost resembles how the skylux which later earned it the nickname skystone The Stone was taken back and tested in a laboratory and it turned out to be something yet unknown to scientists the stone didn't react with any acids and even withstood its color and form at 3 000 degree heat scientists could not initially even figure out what it was made of and how it maintained its structure it was later found that the stone is made up of 77.1 percent oxygen and the remaining portion contained carbon calcium and an unknown compound the unknown compound was something organic but scientists are yet to figure out what it is and how these stones are formed oddly not only does the stone look like the sky it's also made of oxygen just like the atmosphere similar stones have been found in other parts of the world and recently some of them have been put up for sale online it's not any traditional Gems or minerals that we know about and some even think that it might even be from outer space perhaps left behind by aliens it's definitely a strange Stone and who knows what mystery is hidden behind its origin..


✓ Number 3 Extraterrestrial organic matter

 One of the biggest questions of science is how life originated on Earth some theories suggested that organic matter from outer space came into our planet on meteorites and a recent discovery in the volcanic mountains of South Africa might shed some light to that theory digging into some of the planet's oldest rocks scientists found traces of two different organic matter that seems to be of extraterrestrial origin they were left behind 3.3 billion years ago and hence became buried underneath the volcanic sediment one of the organic matter is made of carbon and the other was made of nickel iron and chromium now these are not exactly living creatures or aliens from outer space but microscopic organic matter that could have played a part in building the early blocks of life billions of years ago Earth was bombarded with meteorites from outer space and that could have brought the materials needed to create life another theory might be that aliens did indeed visit Earth and might have left behind some organic matter yes maybe even alien poop this is the very first time that we have found actual evidence for extraterrestrial carbon in terrestrial rocks and it could expand a whole new understanding of the origins of life on Earth as well as in outer space...

 ✓ Number 2 the Homo Naletti 

Scientists are constantly looking for fossils and remnants of ancient times to understand the evolutionary changes in human history so whenever something new and unexpected pops up in the scene it's definitely bound to make us rethink everything we know for example the bones of a previously unknown human-like species found in caves of South Africa 15 such skeletons were found of the small-brained ape human species called the hormonality it is placed under the same genus as us meaning homogeneous making it a species of human that we didn't even know existed the fossils contain children and elders and show that the species had a smaller skull with shoulders and torso like an ape but also had many human features the fossils date back to being between 230 000 to 330 000 years old meaning that they have roamed the Earth the same time as our larger brained ancestors and were also evolving side by side however maybe they were less a number or maybe the smaller brain didn't give them the power needed to survive extinction this species could be 2 million years old it might even have been the ones to create some of the ancient tools found you can understand how that might change everything we know about human history ..

Number 1 Quartzite an impossible Place 

We finish off our list with another discovery that has left researchers confused and wondering a remote volcanic island located near Madagascar called anjuan house what can only be described as a geological Enigma being a volcanic island in the past would mean that the surface of the island should be made of volcanic basalt but that is not entirely the case the island is home to quartzites of various sizes so much so that it covers 50 percent of the Mountain Area this has left experts scratching their heads as these rocks should not logically exist here the whitish graystones can be seen all across the island poking out of the dark lava derived rocks the entire injuan Island was formed by spewing out of a volcano and volcanoes don't throw out quartzites so how could this have possibly happened to date researchers are exploring the regions tracing back billions of years when the continents were split hopefully they will come out with a reasonable answer to this mysterious phenomena and solve the mystery of the island with the impossible crystals and there you have it folks our pick for 15 unsettling discoveries in Africa nobody can explain...

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