4.5 Billions Years Ago How Does the 🌕 Moon Looks Like (Video)

The moon has fascinated and inspired different cultures throughout history for thousands of years humans have looked up at its gray cratered surface and told tales of legendary characters or worshipped mysterious beings now we have a much greater understanding of how the moon works and how it has helped life on Earth exists for billions of years the giant impact hypothesis suggests that 4.5 billion years ago an object about the size of Mars that has been named Theia collided with a young earth the impact was so violent that trillions of tons of debris spiraled out into orbits and over many years formed a ring of molten rock over time nearly all of the Earth and Theia reformed as one becoming the planets that we see today but some of the material formed a new world a special moon that would one day be known by many people as Luna now the moon is visible as a gray desolate scarred world that hangs peacefully in our night sky..

 But if we were able to stand on earth a few hundred million years after the moon's formation it would have been unrecognizable the surface of Earth back then was completely inhospitable one day on this hellish planet would have only lasted about six hours due to its rapid rotation lakes of molten lava would have been visible across its lifeless landscape and the temperature would have been scorching gases such as nitrogen carbon dioxide and water vapor would make up a toxic hazy atmosphere that is being caused by volcanism and outgassing looking up into the sky the newly formed moon would have only been about 15,000 miles away as it orbits the young earth which is approximately 220 3,000 miles closer than it is today any closer and gravity would have ripped it apart it would have looked 15 times as wide as it does now and glowed a dull reddish orange as it nominated the sky like the earth the moon was covered in lakes of molten magma and may have had a thick atmosphere that eventually became stripped away by solar winds over millions of years the moon became totally locked with the earth and now only ever shows the same cratered face some theories suggest that without a large moon like ours life on Earth would have been impossible of course no one will ever know if this is true but one thing is for sure the moon has helped life as we know it flourish across the entire planet ..
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