Thirty Most Dangerous Bridges in the World


Physitravels presents the 30 most dangerous bridges in the world, crossing bridges should be easy but there are some bridges that are more dangerous than others these bridges seem to defy gravity safety and even your wildest expectations 

Below are the 30 most dangerous bridges in the world 

The Royal George Bridge Colorado's 

Royal George Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans over the arkansas river in the u.s at a height of 955 feet it's the country's highest suspension bridge visible are the steep granite walls of colorado royal gorge that drop quickly nearby don't look too closely though it really is a long way down

The monkey bridges 

The monkey bridges is a term for several bridges over the mekong delta in vietnam these bridges are often simple in construction and can consist of as little as one bamboo log for the main span locals can easily walk across these bridges but outsiders often have trouble keeping their balance the monkey bridges got their name from how people are said to look when they cross them so if you're walking like a monkey you're probably doing it right

•  The Hussaini Hanging Bridge pakistan's

 Husseini hanging bridge is considered to be one of the most dangerous bridges in the world it's one of many in the country's Hunza region this particular bridge spans borat lake and is constructed out of wooden planks unevenly spaced over several ropes look out for high winds

The seven mile bridge 

the seven mile bridge spans between knights key and little duck key in the florida keys it's a highway bridge built directly into the shadows below relatively safe and good weather it isn't as friendly during hurricanes which have historically caused damage to its nearby predecessor.

 • The deception pass bridge washington

 State has a pair of two-lane bridges that connect the islands of pass fidalgo and widbay these bridges are collectively called the deception pass bridge they stand 180 feet high and can accommodate car traffic and pedestrians rolling fog can make the bridges dangerous 

The lake Pontchartrain Causeway

 The two bridges that make up louisiana's lake pontchartrain causeway are the world's longest continuous bridges over water at a length of over 23.8 miles the causeway connects the cities of metairie and mandeville it's good in fair weather but hurricanes are another story 

The canopy walk ghana's

Cocoon national park has the kokkum canopy walkway a 130 foot high path that connects seven bridges in the tropical rainforest the walkway is made of rope wood and aluminum oh and plenty of safety netting it still is a long way down 

The Langkaiwi Sky Bridge 

 The Langkaiwi sky bridge is on the malaysian island of pulau langkawi it's over 320 feet high and over 2000 feet above sea level the 410 curved pedestrian bridge connects two locations on a mountain peak and was constructed using helicopters wow 

The Mount Titlis Cliff walk 

the mount titlis cliff walk in the swiss alps is ten thousand feet above sea level with a width of roughly three feet in icy cold mountain conditions you'll want to hold on

 • The vitim river bridge 

The vitim river bridge spans the v team river in siberia russia it's a six foot wide old train bridge consisting of relatively loose wooden planks with almost no guard railings the bridge is 50 feet above water and can get icy

The Puente De Ojuela 

The mexican ahuela bridge or the puente de uhuela is an 890 foot suspension bridge in the city of mapimi mexico locals used the bridge for mining when it opened in 1898. now it's too dangerous for car traffic and only pedestrians are allowed 

The Quepos Bridge in Costa Rica 

The cuepos bridge is along the road between the cities of jaco and cuepos locally it's known as the bridge of death and oh my god bridge the wooden crossing takes pedestrians and traffic but only in one direction 

The sunshine skyway bridge florida's

 Sunshine Skyway bridge spans tampa bay and connects the cities of saint petersburg and teresa it's over four miles long in 1980 a freighter crashed into the bridge's predecessor and killed 35 people although the bridge today is structurally safer over 200 people have used the bridge to commit suicide since 1987.

•  The Eshima Ohashi bridge Japan's 

Eshima Ohashi bridge is the third largest rigid frame bridge in the world the 144 foot structure connects the cities of sakai monado and matsui although the bridge looks daunting it is a matter of perspective it only has a gradient of 6.1 a 100 gradient is 45 degrees .

The bridge of immortals the bridge of immortals is in Huang Shan China 

It spans between two sheer granite rock mountain faces although it's a simple arch bridge its position makes it imposing

The Montenegro Rainforest Bridge The Costa Rica 

Rainforest has a canopy walkway of its own the suspension bridges of the montenegro rainforest overlook the lush environment there occasional missing planks will keep you on your toes 

The U-Bein Bridge Myanmar's

 tongthammon lake has a wooden bridge that was built in 1850. the u-bein bridge stands as one of the oldest and longest teakwood bridges in the world many of the bridge's pillars have been replaced by concrete but further decay is possible.

The Storseisundet Bridge 

 the Storseisundet  bridge looks a bit like a roller coaster but it is a cantilever bridge with a steep arch it connects the municipalities of avroy and hustadvica in norway all told this one may be more fun than dangerous.

The Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge northern Ireland 

 Island of Carricks rede has a 66 foot long bridge that is 98 feet over the sea below the carica reed rope bridge connects the island to the irish mainland there's a feed across so pay the fare and dare

The Sidu River Bridge 

the Sidu river bridge is the world's second highest bridge by elevation standing at 1627 feet the bridge towers over china's hubei province it is a highway suspension bridge over 4 000 feet long what a commute the mekong river crossing this bridge over 

The Mekong River Crossing

A waterway that flows in china thailand vietnam cambodia myanmar and laos consists of only two wires fastened to each other and to the opposite banks um you first 

The Millau Viaduct 

the Millau Viaduct is a bridge that spans over the tarn river near Millau France it's the world's tallest bridge structure with a tower height of one thousand one hundred four feet its spires are taller than the eiffel tower 

The Iya Kazurabashi Bridge 

Made of mountain vines and wooden planks Japan's iya kazurabashi bridge spans the iya valley in tokushima japan though it dates back to the 15th century it is rebuilt every three years still 

The Mystery bridge 

This bridge in indonesia hangs to its side and is almost out of commission almost it's still a viable bridge for both the adventurous and the accustomed 

The Trift Bridge 

The Trift Bridge in Switzerland is a simple suspension bridge that is 328 feet above sea level only open to pedestrians this bridge spans the trifzy lake in the swiss alps definitely not for the faint of heart 

The hanging bridge of Ghaza 

The hanging bridge of ghaza is a nepali bridge that spans a valley in gaza nepal both humans and animals use it so make sure you have the right of way

The Longjiang Suspension Bridge

 The longjiang suspension bridge is one of the longest and highest suspension bridges in the world completed in 2016 it stands 920 feet above the long river and yunnan china don't look down 

The Root Bridges 

some suspension bridges in the indian state of meghalaya are made out of tree roots the sub-tropical climate allows for rubber tree plant roots to be molded into walkways pretty cool 

The Taman Negara Canopy Walkway 

This canopy walkway sits 130 feet above the forest floor in malaysia's Taman Negara national park besides some awesome views it's a long way down 

The Keshwa Chaca Bridge 

 the Keshawa chaka bridge is near cusco peru it was made out of woven ichigrass by the members of the ancient incan empire this was over 500 years ago incredible

The Suspension Glass Bridge in zhang jiaji China 

You can look down about 980 feet down the suspension glass bridge spans two mountains in zhang jiaji national forest park and opened in august 2016. by september authorities had to close the bridge due to its popularity it later reopened with a ticket booking system for visitors which bridge was the most dangerous to you what other dangerous bridges do you think we left out write them down in the comments section below..

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