10 Most Secretive Places in the world (Video)


Today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 most secretive places in the world i'll be just outside the door watching you for this list ๐Ÿ˜ we'll be looking at specific locations with closely guarded secrets and or restricted public access which of these locations would you most like to visit let us know in the comments below, Let Go

• Number 10 Fort Knox USA:

 The term as safe as fort knox came about for a reason this is like bank of england glass fort knox glass built in the mid-1930s fort knox or the united states bouillon depository if you want to get fancy is used to store various goods belonging to the us government this includes roughly 4 500 metric tons of gold bullion ford knox is a bank like any other larger better protected perhaps but nonetheless a bank the building consists of 4 200 cubic yards of concrete and nearly 1500 tons of steel the main vault is 20 inches thick and weighs as many tons and the surrounding area is littered with active mines people not belonging to the department of the treasury or the mint police are strictly prohibited from entering the grounds we mean you can but you probably won't get very far i freaked out and my junk closed for business it's like fort knox down there ...

• Number 9. Juiangsu National Security Education Museum China :

 Turns out china is very secretive about their outdated spy technology in the chinese city of nanjing is the jiangsu national security education museum which honors the country's history of espionage almost appropriately however foreigners are not allowed in it is reported that all non-chinese citizens are immediately turned away at the door a spokesperson for the museum told the associated press that china wants to keep its espionage technology a closely guarded national secret despite the preventative measures we know of many things that lie inside the museum including various classified documents press that button there now she comes but there's also the fun james bond stuff like lipstick and pen guns playing card maps and a microphone disguised as a calculator ultra high frequency single-digit sonic agitator unit you know you're cleverer than you look...

 • Number 8 Raf Menwith Hill England :

 Located in the english country of north yorkshire is raf menwith hill a massive monitoring station serving both the united kingdom and the united states on location are members of the british ministry of defense the united states department of defense and the nsa the goings on at the base are secretive and rather vague so us listening base it's on british soil it's officially raf memworth it's um basically what's run out there is a listening station it's called the big ear in the words of the royal air force themselves quote its primary mission is to provide intelligence support whatever that means what we do know is that it houses many fancy ray domes golf ball looking structures containing state-of-the-art reconnaissance satellites these satellites may be part of echelon a spy program concerned with mass surveillance we don't know what's going on at men with hill but they definitely know what's going on with us well they're videoing us that's amazing isn't it they just they just can't stop spying can they ...

• Number 7. metro 2 Russia:

 Something fascinating may exist under the streets of moscow and that is the alleged metro ii relax nobody sucks located as many as 660 feet underground metro 2 is said to be a secret railway line connecting various places of state significance it also allegedly houses a secret underground city that would protect its inhabitants from a nuclear attack construction of the metro supposedly started under joseph stalin but even that's unconfirmed some claim that construction ceased after stalin died in 1953 and some claim that it's been secretly expanded on throughout the years in 1991 the u.s department of defense wrote a report that seemingly confirmed the existence of a secret railway underneath moscow you are going to regret that sook but we may never know for sure ..

• Number 6. the Vatican Secret Archive:

 Vatican city they aren't just letting anyone into the vatican secret archive it's right there in the name show yourself even though it's now known as the apostolic archive access to the area is still firmly restricted to outsiders established in the early 17th century the archive was built to house important documents belonging to the catholic church galileo's third text dia logo di scorso di aguama some academic researchers are allowed inside the archives but the application process is rigorous and time-consuming scholars are not allowed inside if their research is deemed unnecessary or if they do not have an adequate introductory letter among other things and even then some materials relating to personal information are still off limits..

• Number 5. Bohemian Grove USA:

 Found in monte rio California is bohemian grove a campground spanning nearly 3 000 acres it serves as a summer retreat for the members of the bohemian club a private organization consisting of the richest and most powerful men in the united states yes men females are prohibited unless visiting with their spouses or parents it is said that important business deals and plans concerning national interests take place here including the conception of the manhattan project security is extensive in order to keep the proceedings and discussions secret this includes the hiring of both ex-military personnel and the secret service to monitor the surrounding area and prevent outsiders from getting in ...

• Number 4. The Tomb Of Chinchi Huang:

 You know this place better as that spot with the terracotta army now a unesco world heritage site the mausoleum of qin shihuang was constructed between 246 and 208 bc you can tell from their hairstyle there they we call headgears and they can tell they're different ranks the tomb is located within an acropolis that spans miles and excavation work has been frustratingly slow the terracotta warriors weren't discovered until the 1970s and new pits have been unearthed as recently as 2008. one day a group of farmers dugging well here and they find some pieces of the portrait the tomb itself is situated underneath a 250 foot tall pyramid mound that houses a buried palace however it has remained unexcavated for a variety of reasons including fears of damage this may be the world's most beautiful tomb and we have no idea what it looks like here we go again...

• Number 3 Mesgoria Russia:

 Located in the ural mountains of southwestern russia is the closed town of misgoria meaning access is prohibited to everyone but the locals not much is known about the town but the rumors certainly circulate what we do know is that misguria was once two or three separate military garrisons and these garrisons were eventually unified into the closed town we know today the main theory is that mesuria houses the workers of nearby mount yamantau in the local bashkir language yamantau means evil mountain that about sums it up it has long been said that yamantau houses some sort of secret russian base whether that be a bunker a nuclear facility or a repository we simply do not know and russia will not tell...

 • Number 2 Area 51 USA

 are there aliens in area 51 probably not but it's certainly fun to speculate area 51 is the quintessential secret place it belongs to the united states air force and is officially known as homie airport and can be found in the desert of Nevada but aside from that little is known about the area area 51.

 this area 51 it's long been speculated that the base is used to test high-tech weaponry and aircraft but everything that occurs within area 51 is officially classified the surrounding area is heavily patrolled and in 2019 a man was killed while trying to enter the base this place doesn't mess around and it has fueled conspiracy theories and fierce debate for decades you call the cops they call the feds next thing you know we have shields crawling all over area 51 wanting to play.

• Number 1 Room 39 North Korea :

There are three main organizations that keep north korea running those are office 38 which handles finances office 35 which oversees intelligence and room 39 which is tasked with raising money for the regime the secretive organization makes its money through a variety of illicit manners including insurance fraud and drug manufacturing the party is supposedly named after its location which is thought to be inside the headquarters of the workers party of korea it's essentially the most secretive room in the world it's under layers upon layers of protection and unauthorized visitors will be either kidnapped or killed long before they find it that is if it's even in the building we don't really know we're only allowed to film for about 10 minutes and we learned the party has created a new bigger title for their leader chairman do you agree with our picks๐Ÿ˜ ....

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