15 Most Unsual Houses In the World (Video)


 For thousands of years people have been trying to find new ways to build perfect homes that shelter them from bad weather and keep them safe and warm and in modern times technology has allowed us to even tear at the clouds with our skyscrapers as we try to create the perfect living space but many Architects have since chosen to come back to earth hear her breathe and build a home that will breathe with her others just let their artistic expression lead them down a rabbit hole and they come up with houses that are out of this world..

 Today we take a glimpse into some of the most interesting houses that were ever built from a palace of bubbles to spheres that allow your spirit to reconnect with nature these are the 15 most unusual houses in the world..

• Number 15. Mexico's Snake House

 Built by Javier cenosian a pioneer of organic architecture in Mexico the El Nido de quetzo coato is a truly remarkable and unique building complex in the world also referred to as the Snake House the actual name translates to the nest of Quetzalcoatl which is an ancient Aztec feathered serpent God revered as the creator of life and guardian of nature this God is depicted on many Aztec buildings and art the nest of the serpent is built like an enormous coiled serpent the nest of the serpent is built like an enormous coiled serpent that houses 10 Apartments most of them are inhabited but at least two are listed on Airbnb and they Remain the country's most coveted destination being booked for over a year in advance the complex was built upon a massive 18 hectare plot of land and the huge undertaking is only 75 percent finished in addition to its size the attention to detail leaves visitors in all even several days of exploration are not enough to grasp all the intricacies that went into building this masterpiece undoubtedly cenosian was at least somewhat inspired by Gowdy whose style of architecture was equally strange and insisted on going back to one's Origins cenosian dubbed his approach Bio Architecture as it's intended to seamlessly blend into the surrounding nature the goal was to prove that even in an urban setting people can still remain in touch with nature also the structure has almost no sharp Corners as its creator wanted the inhabitants to remain as close to their first experience entering this world which is a round womb..

• Number 14 The Portuguese Stone House

 In 1974 the Rodriguez family wanted to build a vacation home on their property high up on the hills of fafe in Portugal they already had a perfect Foundation four rounded Boulders standing really close to each other inspired by The Flintstones the family decided to make use of these rocks and built a house else that blends into them it's entirely built out of rock except for the doors and windows it hosts furniture made of concrete and eucalyptus trees which just adds to the charm this house already has in Space the structure fits perfectly in the surroundings and looks like something that has always been a part of the fafe hills the first images of this building emerged online in 2009 at first people laughed at it and claimed that it must be photoshopped to be honest it really is surreal that something like this even exists since its first appearance the house has become a world famous attraction that brings in thousands of visitors not to the joy of the owners someone was constantly knocking on their Windows wanting to go inside dying to take pictures so the family decided not to fight the tourists but go along with the House's newly acquired Fame they turn the house into a museum of sorts and visitors can enjoy photographs and materials from when the house was built what about you do you like Stonehouse would you ever want to live in it.

• Number 13. Lebanon's Airplane House

 there's a village in Lebanon that's like no other it has an unusually large number of very wealthy inhabitants which led to all kinds of weird houses being built some of them look like the pyramids of ancient Greek temples but the one that's the strangest of them all is the airplane house this not so humble abode is an exact replica of an Airbus A380 so no matter how real it looks it never was an airplane it's just a house built to look like one the idea was a lifelong dream of its owner Michael Suleiman so when he got rich he decided to make it a reality the house has two floors and 30 portholes on each side with a cockpit and landing gear so it seems Suleiman spared no expense to fulfill his fantasy but when it came to the European Union logo on the tale of an actual Airbus A380 so Layman decided to put a statue of the Virgin Mary instead yep the village of mazara where the airplane house is situated is mostly Christian one of the most known people in the village is Gilbert shiguri a businessman that earned hundreds of millions of dollars in Nigeria some say he relied heavily on corruption to a massive wealth and today his family are billionaires by some accounts most people in mazara work in the industry owned by the shigoris and that's the source of The Village's enormous wealth..

• Number 12. The Steel Beast in the small town of Ransom Canyon located in Lubbock County West Texas 

Right on the banks of a Scenic Lake stands a 10 ton metallic Beast it's the life work of Robert Bruno an eccentric and capricious artist who spent over 30 years building this work of art with his own two hands the construction started in 1974 and was never completely finished even though it looks like a metallic shell it's actually a shell inside of a shell and the walls are filled with 6 to 10 inches of two-part insulation when Bruno started his work no one really liked it it was so different from anything else around and almost everyone in the town thought it was an eyesore but Bruno was adamant to pursue his dream he was a genius of sorts early on as a birthday present for his wife he invented an irrigation system that saves water and energy the money earned from the company allowed him to pursue his sculpting dreams he never really wanted a house he just loved to do sculpture so at one point he figured if he was building a huge sculpture why not live in it sometimes he would tear down months of work just because he had a change of heart that's why the construction took so long and many of his ideas such as having an aquarium in the legs of the house or Furnishing the walls with plaster castings of female bodies never came to pass..

• Number 11. Palais Buells the famous bubble house or bubble Palace

 Is one of the most remarkable housing complexes in the world it was originally built in the 1980s by a Hungarian architect at the behest of a French industrialist and it was later used by the famous designer Pierre cardan who used it as a vacation home you can just imagine all of the lavish fashion shows and crazy parties that took place here the Villa is built out of rounded houses that connect in an intricate yet beautiful Labyrinth it's sometimes referred to as Smurfs Paradise the idea was to get rid of sharp corners and edges and adapt every square inch of space to primordial human needs in many aspects this is a futuristic house yet it maintains a prehistoric cave-like field the entire complex covers an area of 13 000 square feet and boasts 10 bedrooms and an enormous 3 700 square foot living room also there are three swimming pools and numerous basins and fountains that accentuate a beautiful tropical garden and what would a beautiful Rich guys Mansion be without an Amphitheater that can accommodate up to 500 people to go One Step Beyond every room was decorated by a famous contemporary French artist because why not not surprisingly it was included in the list of historical monuments of the French Ministry of culture and after a renovation that lasted five years it was put up for sale for 400 million dollars..

 • Number 10 The Hobbit House

 If you were enthralled by The Hobbit houses described in tolkien's Lord of the Rings and ever imagine living in such a place you're not alone so did I and probably millions of of other people I mean even though it's basically a hole in the ground it just seems so warm inviting and homely well one couple in the UK decided to take it a step further Simone and Jasmine Dale were exploring various ways people built their shacks and huts and decided to try it on their own first they built a rounded straw bale house in the woods at the price of just two to three thousand pounds they were able to move in in just a few months then they stepped it up a notch their next Hut was built into the hillside using straw bales and wood and it was covered with a Turf roof in a spiral reciprocal pattern the house turned out just amazing and soon after posting some pictures online it became world famous dubbed The Hobbit house their simple Abode still resonates with nature lovers around the world they believe there's a deeply ingrained desire to live a simple and honest life in every human being and this was embodied in the house and that's the reason so many people all around the world respond so emotionally to it whether they're London Style Brokers or Native Americans how about you do you like The Hobbit house and would you ever consider living in such a place ..

• Number 9 The Vietnam crazy house

 Now we've already seen some crazy houses but this one is really really strange the hongna guest house is located in dalat and otherwise relaxed Mountain Resort town in the south of Vietnam even though it's completely different from anything else in the area this masterpiece blends perfectly into its surroundings when you see it you cannot but be amazed by this Maze of staircases sculpted bedrooms narrow Bridges and all the hidden nooks and crannies the artists behind this amazing structure is a 79 year old Vietnam Woman by the name of dog Vietnam she says it represents the ultimate expression of Her Imagination after earning a PhD in architecture in Moscow she worked both in Russia and on government projects in Vietnam but then she visited dalat and immediately fell in love with the Lush landscape cool climate and welcoming people so she moved there but after years of working on rather strict and boring government projects she had a lot of pent up inspiration that had no Outlet so one day she decided to unleash all that inspiration onto the world the result was this amazing complex that has no rival anywhere in the world instead of creating blueprints her idea started as a series of paintings The Next Step was to do all of it in reality although she relied on basic structural principles there were no rules when it came to her artistic expression and safe to say the result was nothing less than amazing would you agree ..

• Number 8 the Transparent House 

We've seen a lot of houses that shy away from corners and edges and blend into nature but now it's time for something completely different what if a designer wanted to blend into a city environment which is all but bursting with sharp corners and square shapes well this was the idea that architect Sue Fujimoto had in mind when he designed a house for a young couple located in a quiet Tokyo neighborhood even though it's full of Corners this house is actually made mostly of glass and it's still in stark contrast with the typical concrete lock you see all around it and although it looks nothing like The Hobbit house the concept is remarkably similar because it's associated with the idea of living in a tree the owners had the desire to live like Nomads which was accomplished by Building 21 individual floor plates at various Heights in essence it's a collection of rooms that acts as a single room at the same time the Creator calls this a Unity of separation and coherence the spaces in the house are not hermetically isolated but connected in a strange and unique way it's like communicating with one another while sitting on different tree branches Fujimoto says this house stands equally between nature and artificiality and it's a contemporary adaptation of the richness experienced by our predecessors who used to live in trees ...

• Number 7. The Tree Hotel

 So while we're on the topic of living in trees we cannot skip the tree hotel located in Northern Sweden this isn't one house but a complex of several utterly different houses that have one common thing they're built high up in the trees each house was designed by a famous Scandinavian architect in 2010 if you ever dreamed of being in a UFO you can choose to stay in the 100 square foot UFO cottage which is seemingly floating in midair if you're not all that interested in being abducted by aliens you might choose the mirror Cube instead of a retractable staircase that takes you to the UFO house you have to Traverse a 40-foot bridge to get to the cube which was built using mirrors sometimes it Blends into the background and becomes virtually invisible if you're a couple looking for a romantic Retreat you might choose the cabin with a wonderful Terrace View and a homely feel to it it's bound to give you the privacy and relaxation you so desperately need one of the most unique Shacks here is the bird's nest the house blends perfectly into the forest surrounding it as it has no visible doors or Windows you enter it through a hatch on the floor although it looks very dark small Windows actually make it surprisingly bright its creator says it's more of a room for introspection rather than extroversion and the perfect way to reconnect with nature which one would you choose to sleep in 😁..

 • Number 6. The Haynes Shoe House

 Do you know how in the cartoons a Shoemaker would probably live in a house that looks like a shoe well as it turns out reality is Stranger Than Fiction or in this case the same there's a real shoe house located in Hallam Township Pennsylvania and it was actually built by a famous Shoemaker named malen Haynes the idea was to use the house to promote the Haynes shoe stores and it was later rented as a vacation spot for newlyweds and Senior couples since it was built in 1948 it was used for other things too such as being a museum and an ice cream shop more recently it became an Airbnb rental property the house was modeled after a work boot and it contains five stories to make things even more interesting it's located on shoe House Road and has a shoe shaped dog house right next to it Legend has it that Haynes just handed a work boot to an architect and said build me a house like this and it seems that's exactly what the architect did the toe of the boot houses the living room while the kitchen is located in the heel there are two bedrooms in the ankle area and a quaint little ice cream shop nestled in the InStep there's also a stained glass panel depicting Malin holding a pair of shoes with the inscription Hanes the shoe wizard what a way to promote your brand..

• Number 5. Mushroom House 

 It's not a house where they grow mushrooms it's an Eclectic building nestled among the Trees of powder Mills Park in Rochester New York if you went for a casual stroll in the park and happened upon this house you might start thinking it's a hallucination giant alien looking mushrooms sprouting from the forest floor evoke images from Alice in Wonderland but don't worry you're not Alice and this isn't Wonderland or is it this amazing architectural art piece originates from the 1970s it looks like the 70s were the years when architecture really opened up to new ideas the basic shape of the buildings actually aren't mushrooms at all but a flower named Queen Anne's Lace the idea was made a reality by architect James Johnson and sculptor and owner Marguerite antel there are four and a half pods constructed of concrete and polyurethane and they stand on 14 20-foot stems made of reinforced concrete but the fun doesn't stop there after changing hands several times the house went back to the descendants of the original owners who completely restored it in 2002 they included a Subterranean glass Mosaic tunnel inspired by Gowdy this leads to a cave that is actually an entertainment room with a pool table bar and Mosaic fireplace the entire complex is a 4 000 square foot three bedroom three bath home and it uses natural materials such as wood and stone everything inside looks like it was sculpted to fit right into place and this amazing Abode can become yours for just 1.5 million dollars..

• Number 4. Upside down House

 The first ever upside down house was a political statement as much as it was an art piece it was designed by polish businessman Daniel zapowski and represented the uncertainty of life in post-communist Era Poland the timber house posed several challenges but after 114 days and over 200 cubic meters of concrete for the foundations alone it was finished it was built in the center of education and Regional promotion in zimbark Poland and has since become a world-renowned tourist attraction the interior is furnished in a style typical of the 1970s when Poland was still a communist country you can even see a vintage TV showing old propaganda shows apparently the architect was trying to show that the utopian communist world is actually an upside down image of reality since then many upside down houses sprung up all over the world including countries like Belarus Russia Georgia Austria Germany South Africa and of course a bunch of them all over the U.S and they seem to get better work year and more original As Time Goes By by now they've become somewhat of a cliche but that still doesn't prevent hordes of tourists from visiting them each year there's just something strange about entering a house that has everything upside down most people say they feel a bit nauseous when they first enter such a house and it takes some time to get used to everything being out of place would you ever visit an upside down house..

• Number 3. Helio Dome 

Some people build houses as an artistic expression but there are those who want to build the ultimate eco-friendly house one that uses natural resources in a sustainable way one of those people is Eric wasser a well-known cabinet maker who decided to briefly depart from his work and spend time building an Eco house his idea was developed in the 1990s and the concept was finished in 2000 it even won first prize in a competition it took a few years to get the permit to actually build the thing but it was finally completed in 2011 but what is it and why is it special apart from looking really weird the idea behind this house was to utilize the sun's energy to the maximum it was built in the shape of a sundial and at a specifically measured angle so if you choose to build this house its inclination would have to be measured again according to the latitude of your location the idea is actually so simple it's genius during the summer when the sun is higher up the house gets hardly any direct sunlight so it's kept rather cool in Winter the sun's trajectory across the sky is much lower so then the house gets more direct sunlight which keeps it warm solar panels on the roof provide hot water but also protect from overheating during the warmest months with proper insulation ensuring very little heat loss from the inside the so-called heliodome is incredibly efficient...

• Number 2. Flintstones house

 I can't resist going back to the 70s again it seems like Architects were just so much more fun back then one of them named William Nicholson decided to utilize a newly invented building technique it was known as the monolithic dome construction he built several structures including the house that would later become famous as the Flintstone house in Hillsborough California it's a three-bedroom two-bath house and has a two-car garage and around 2 700 square feet of living area but the most impressive thing about it is that all the structures are round bubbly and playful and although passersby Marvel at it the neighbors do not like it at all after it was originally built the runoff from the excessive rain started damaging the buildings and many of the walls cracked this prompted the neighbors to petition for the eyesore of a house to be removed but the owners had a different idea and did a complete reconstruction it was then with a Fresh coat of paint that the house started to resemble something out of the Flintstone cartoons in 2017 the property was bought by Florence Fang who very much liked the Flintstone idea Fang added numerous Whimsical decorations including steel dinosaurs and Flintstone characters the snobs that live around her tried to have the statues removed by legal action but the court decided in favor of Miss Fang I bet she built even more statues after that just to show them who's boss that's what I would do...

• Number 1. Free Spirit Spheres

 Many people want to experience nature but they hate the cold bugs and other inconveniences that come with being outdoors if you're one of those people here's the perfect solution the free spirit spheres located near Qualicum Bay in British Columbia the idea behind the Spheres which are supposedly the most unique accommodation in the world was to enable people to experience the rainforest with as little impact as possible they make nature accessible to people without changing its structure or harming it in any way as far as I can see they accomplished that goal to the fullest the spherical tree houses are truly a work of art each one of them was handmade to be functional tasteful simple and elegant they rely on the principles of biomimicry or emulating patterns and forms found in nature the Spheres are supported by ropes attached to at least three trees like a spider web this suspension system is incredibly strong it absorbs any kind of stress applied to the sphere and distributes its weight equally there are different types of spheres too with different layouts and Arrangements the theme that encapsulates the free spirit spheres was Unity or Oneness they become one with the forest and so do you when you're inside the Spheres you live and breathe with the trees around you it seems like the perfect place to reconnect with your inner self and with your ancestors who roam the planet and lived in unison with it ...

How does the above Houses Looks Like ? Watch on Video Below


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